Exclusive Trade is an Italian company, based in Pomezia, just outside of Rome. We are specialized manufacturers of high quality paper plates. We make a catalogue , the Extra catalogue, specialized for tabletop and complete with all accessories necessary for the best single use table.

We developed, produced and patented different shapes for plates.
We own the molds, and offer them for high level Private Label productions.
Every different shape is made of many different formats.
This to offer to our clients, and to final consumers, the widest range of solutions.

For plates production we can use different standards.
We can use both recycled cardboard and high rigidity virgin fiber cardboard; weight can be adapted to different commercial targets.
We can print FLEXO as well as OFFSET.
Our plates can be laminated with polypropylene as well as polythene.
In all cases an Extra plate is always 100% FOOD SAFE.

We are proud to serve more than 1.500 European retailers that specialize in paper, party, stationery and home décor. We also serve the finest department stores, and all channels that appreciate a high range and quality product.

Extra product is a realistic example of affordable luxury : it ranks among the best of its kind, providing the final customer with value for money as well as functionality. Extra offer guarantees the highest safety standard, a product certified 100% food safe, a high level of creativity and more … it’s MADE IN ITALY !

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